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The term “assortment” is used to designate all the ranges and products offered for sale in a catalog or in a store. The assortment includes several product lines. Each product line groups together a set of products that have a certain coherence between them. The products can target the same market, have identical components, have the same price…

The assortment can be characterized by 3 main elements:

  • its width: number of product families or departments,
  • its depth: sub-families or number of products per department,
  • its breadth: total number of references, i.e. the combination of width and depth.

A “good” assortment must be adapted to the specificities of the local market. It must also meet the conflicting needs of the clientele which are:

  • on the one hand, to find easily and quickly what she needs,
  • on the other hand, to have a wide variety of products.