Bus mailing

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Sometimes companies join forces to send two or more advertising or promotional offers to a list of prospects in the same mailing. This practice constitutes the bus mailing, the multi-mailing or more commonly called “group mailing”.

Typically, offers are presented in the form of coupon cards, similar in size to a playing card. One side of the card presents the offer or the product. The other side allows a postal response. If coupon cards have long been favored, today advertisers are innovating by offering boxes to prospects. A box can include several products, including loyalty cards, offers or product samples.

The bus mailing is a direct marketing tool widely used in B2B. Now, this practice is also becoming popular in B2C. And if the tool is gaining in popularity within companies, it is because it allows the different advertisers to share the shipping costs, but also the production costs. Indeed, the costs of the operation are contractually shared between each advertiser.