Communication audit

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The communication audit is an essential step before the implementation of a communication strategy. It intervenes within the framework of the development or the update of a communication plan. It can also be undertaken to evaluate the impact of communication actions carried out by the company on its image and consumer opinion. The communication audit is indeed a relevant tool to measure the quality of the company’s communication. In fact, the communication audit consists in analyzing the different communication tools used by the company. To do this, it will be necessary to conduct a literature review as well as qualitative and quantitative surveys. Carried out according to the rules of the art, the audit will make it possible to determine the obstacles to the achievement of the objectives and the motivation of the team.

The communication audit generally includes 2 complementary forms:

  • External communication audit: this type of audit focuses on the effectiveness and relevance of the company’s multi-channel communication,
  • Internal communication audit: this type of audit focuses on staff performance and on the tools adopted to improve the company’s brand image.