Direct Marketing Files

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Direct marketing is a technique to send a personalized message – or not – to a selected group of individuals. This group of people comes from a direct marketing file. This file is in fact a compilation of data concerning the clients, consumers or prospects of a company.

The direct marketing file plays an important role in the direct marketing campaign. Indeed, the success of the campaign depends largely on the quality of the file. In concrete terms, there are two types of files today. There is :

  • the internal address file that was created from data collected from the company’s customers. Among other information, we find the first and last names of the customers, their civilities, their ages, their postal addresses and their email addresses. Other data can be added to this file. These data are for example: the phone numbers of the customers, the frequency of purchase and even the average amount of the basket of each customer;
  • the external address file which can be purchased from specialized publishers. Some companies also monetize access to their databases. In addition, each company has the choice between prospect files or local customer files.

It is sometimes possible to “rent” a file in order to use it for a specific period of time.