Distribution channel

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A product can have different routes from producer to consumer. In marketing, this path is called a distribution channel. This channel can be direct, short or long depending on the number of intermediaries involved from the production of the product to its arrival to the consum

The distribution channel is direct when the producer himself sells his product on a market. It is short if the producer uses an intermediary to sell his product. The distribution channel is considered long when the producer uses several intermediaries to guarantee the sale of his product.

Generally, three types of intermediaries can intervene in the distribution circuit of a product. There is the intermediary itself, which can be an agent or a broker for example. This kind of intermediary is in charge of putting the producer in contact with different economic actors.

There are also wholesalers who act as a bridge between producers and retailers. Finally, retailers are those who sell the product to consumers. Sales are made in stores or on the Internet, via online stores.