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E-mailing is a direct marketing strategy. It involves sending e-mail to several recipients in a database. The sending is done in a simultaneous way. E-mailing meets different objectives. It is an excellent way to :

  • convert prospects,
  • build strong customer relationships and loyalty,
  • promote services or products,
  • to reinforce the notoriety of a company.

Depending on the objectives set, there are two main types of e-mailing:

  • prospecting e-mailing which allows you to create an e-mail database. This data is intended to be used for specific commercial purposes,
  • the loyalty e-mailing which allows to inform and stimulate the customers. The messages sent make customers feel special because they are 100% personalized. Every message is different.

For an effective e-mail campaign, it is important that companies take the time to :

  • set SMART goals,
  • precisely define your targets and create personas,
  • set up a calendar indicating precisely how often messages will be sent,
  • Monitor and analyze the results of each campaign.