Long range

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A long line is when a company incorporates a wide range of products into its line. The notion of long range is therefore opposed to the short range. This strategy has 2 main advantages: on the one hand, it allows the brand to target several segments and on the other hand, to better respond to market needs. By offering a wide range of quality products, the brand maximizes customer satisfaction and limits financial risks. Thanks to a long range, the brand can more easily stand out from the competition.

Adopting this strategy requires an important effort in terms of communication and marketing to sell its various products. The company’s communication and marketing campaign must be particularly well developed to achieve the desired results. The same is true for customer loyalty. For satisfied customers, the company must work on the quality of each product offered. It must also put in place an effective strategy to improve the customer’s shopping experience and offer them complete satisfaction. Offering a long range also increases management, production and storage costs.