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Mailing is also known as direct mail. This is a direct marketing practice that consists of sending a more or less personalized commercial proposal en masse, by post or e-mail. It is also called addressed mail because the recipients are carefully targeted.

In general, the mailing includes:

  • a letter of presentation of a commercial offer,
  • a brochure or leaflet with visuals and detailing a product or service in depth,
  • a returnable coupon that facilitates interaction between the brand or company and the recipients,
  • a reply envelope that allows the recipient to send a reply without putting postage on the envelope and without the risk of an address error. This type of mailing is also called T envelope or sometimes T card.

In today’s digital age, the reply coupon and envelope are no longer mandatory. A real gas pedal, the mailing allows the brand or the company to obtain a more or less immediate reaction from the prospect: catalog request, order…