Market study

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Market study is an operation that aims to evaluate the sales possibilities of a product or service in a given geographical area and over a given period of time. It involves collecting and analyzing all elements related to a market: market dynamics, competition, potential customers, distribution and positioning. It concerns in particular the relevant information that allows to understand the supply and demand of a given product or service on a market. Properly conducted, it makes it possible to predict the evolution of supply and demand in a more or less distant future.

Involving both qualitative and quantitative studies, market research is thus imposed as both :

  • a diagnostic and analysis tool of the current market,
  • a decision-making tool for developing strategies and action plans for the future.

The market study can indeed be carried out to make the good commercial decisions to launch a new product, to adapt a product to the demand, to export a product, to establish a new point of sale, to know the position of the company on its market, to know the brand image, to choose the most adapted distribution channel