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Products and services are subject to supply and demand in the marketplace. The market is therefore the place where supply and demand for a product or service meet. But more than a meeting place, the market is a decisive space in the context of a sale. Indeed, it is in the market that the prices and the quantities or volumes exchanged are defined. Products and services are sold to customers through a currency.

Generally speaking, the market is made up of three elements: supply, demand and the environment. Supply refers to products and services that satisfy different needs. The suppliers are those who produce, manufacture or distribute the products or services to be sold. Demand results from the desire or need of people who act in order to obtain a specific product or service. Elle est constituée par les consommateurs et les acheteurs. The environment brings together the various factors that can influence supply and demand. These may be social, legal, cultural, etc. Several elements must coexist for a market to exist. Indeed, there must be: a need, a demand, one or several offers and a meeting place for the applicants and the offerers.

Depending on the case, the market may refer to a set of figures for a specific service or product. For example, we talk about the real estate market, the diet drink market, etc. The market can also refer to individuals concerned by a product: European market, under-12 market, etc.