Marketing diagnosis

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The marketing diagnosis is a study that includes 2 main parts: the internal diagnosis and the external diagnosis. It is an essential process to carry out the strategic, commercial and operational choices of the company within the framework of its activity. Preceded by a marketing audit, this type of diagnosis is very useful within the framework of a project of creation or development of an activity. Today, marketers can combine the internet diagnosis and the external diagnosis in a SWOT matrix – Strenghts Weaknesses Oppotunities Threats

In fact, carrying out a marketing diagnosis consists of making an overall assessment of a company or a brand, a product or a range of products or even a strategic area of activity. This is an in-depth analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses compared to its competitors in its target markets. Marketing diagnosis is essential in a context where the environment and markets in which companies evolve are constantly changing. A real decision-making tool, it facilitates decision-making and highlights the most relevant courses of action in the medium or long term.