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The marketing mix is essential to the development of a good marketing strategy. This term simply refers to the tools that a company uses to guarantee the marketing of its product. These tools are grouped under the acronym 4P which means in English: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. In French, we are talking about the product of course, its price, its distribution method and the communication used.

– The product, as its name indicates, refers to the nature of the product to be sold. We talk about the range, its composition, its packaging, etc.
– The price is the rate at which the product is offered.
• Le mode de communication varie d’une campagne à une autre. These include physical stores, online stores, door-to-door sales, etc.
– The mode of communication varies from one campaign to another. A company can launch promotional, advertising or other campaigns.

All decisions are made based on these 4 elements. More recently, other tools have been added to these 4 existing levers. These are People, Processes and Physical Evidence. However, they are still not well known and therefore, not much used.