Marketing planning

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Marketing planning is essential to the implementation of a marketing strategy. It translates into the creation of a plan detailing the actions that a company intends to implement to reach its objectives. Clear and generally concise, the document provides information on :
– the marketing strategy to be executed,
– the different players in the strategy,
– the duration of the campaign and the allocated budget. It is therefore a matter of figures.

The creation of a marketing plan goes through several important steps. They consist in :
– Conducting an external and internal analysis of the brand,
– Performing a SWOT analysis of the company. The objective is to identify the strengths, opportunities and weaknesses of the organization,
– Perform a PESTEL analysis of the environment in which the company operates: Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Environmental and Legal,
– define precise objectives (SMART),
– define the product positioning,
– choose the appropriate communication and distribution channels,
– set a budget.

Finally, it is essential to define the performance indicators to be used. The marketing plan can be regularly adjusted according to the relevance of the results obtained through the performance indicators.