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The media are a set of instruments allowing to inform and communicate with the public. We speak about mass media when the supports allow to address with a very large public. The media are for example radio, television, cinema, posters and press. Due to its characteristics and all the communication possibilities it offers, the Internet is nowadays also considered as a media.

n marketing, the choice of the most suitable media for a campaign depends on several criteria. Indeed, the marketing manager must determine which media :

– Is adapted to the targets of the campaign.
It is a question of answering questions such as: which media is preferred by the targets? What is its coverage rate?
– allows the message to be conveyed properly and to arouse the desired emotions. Television or cinema, for example, have the advantage of combining images and sounds, which makes them very practical,
– is compatible with the allocated budget. The use of certain media can be more expensive than others,
– is compatible with the regulations to which the products to be sold are subject.