Methods of creativity

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Creativity is the ability of one or more people to find and implement new solutions and ideas. There are several techniques to stimulate this creativity. We have for example :

– Brainstorming, which proposes to gather a group of individuals around a problem to which each one offers one or more solutions.
The more ideas there are, the better. Besides, criticism and judgement have no place during a brainstorming session.
– Brainwriting works on the same principle as brainstorming. However, the ideas are written on a sheet of paper that the participants pass around. Each participant takes note of the ideas already written and completes them with other solutions.

The ideas from the brainstorming and brainwriting are then sorted and organized. Those that are feasible and best fit the basic problem are selected for implementation. These two creativity techniques are the most popular in companies. Depending on your desires and habits, there are also other techniques such as :

– mind mapping, also called mental map,
– Reversal, which proposes not to focus on what to do, but rather the opposite. Think instead about what you should not do. This technique is atypical but it works perfectly,
– Bodystorming, which proposes to put yourself in the shoes of customers facing a problem. You must then find the solution that seems best suited to you,
– the focus group,
– Bono hats.