Operational marketing

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This expression refers to the means and different techniques to be used to achieve marketing objectives. The operational marketing allows to concretize the strategic choices defined by the marketing plan called 4P. These are the Product, Pricing, Placement and Promotion policies. The product plan refers to the characteristics of the product: design, color and shape of the packaging, size, etc. The pricing strategy is used to determine the price of the product. We will talk about penetration price, skimming price, promotional price, etc. The price of a product can go up or down depending on the market situation. The Place or distribution, allows to define the place of sale of the product, its location in the shelves, etc. For the marketing department, everything is done to make the product visible to the target audience. The promotion plan is essential to choose the communication medium that will allow the message to be spread to the targets.

The strategies established within the framework of operational marketing are carried out in the short and medium term. Indeed, strategic choices are regularly changed in order to adapt to the permanent evolution of the market.