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Packaging is the wrapping in which a product is presented to customers. It is intended to protect the product, to make it easier to transport and to store. In addition to its practical aspect, packaging also plays an informative role. Customers can read all the information they need before buying a product. For example: the name of the brand, the use-by date, the composition, etc.

The packaging also has a great visual importance. Indeed, it allows to catch and attract the attention of prospects and customers. Thanks to its design and its carefully chosen color, it also facilitates the identification of the brand by the customers. Today, there are three main types of packaging.
There are :
– the primary packaging that encloses/contains the product. This is for example the juice bottle.
– the secondary packaging which covers the product previously packed. This is the plastic film that covers the batch of 6 bottles of juice.
– the tertiary packaging which covers both the primary and secondary packaging. This is the cardboard box in which several batches of juice bottles are packed before being delivered to the distributors.