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The prescriber is a reference in his profession or in a particular theme. His expertise and status allow him to influence customers so that they buy a product or a brand. Indeed, customers are very attentive to the advice and recommendations of the prescriber.
In general, the prescriber can be :
– elected officials or people of power,
– an expert in his field of activity: an architect for example or an accountant,
– an opinion leader such as a journalist,
– a person who carries out a competitive or technological watch.

Today, there are three distinct levels of influencers. There are the prescribers of :
– level 1 who have the advantage of being in direct contact with customers. Your offer or your product has an influence on their business,
– level 2 who also communicate with customers. However, your product or offer does not directly impact their business,
– level 3 which includes people who can recommend your product or your offer without ever having used it. This is the case of journalists in particular.