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The range designates a set of products from the same brand and belonging to a single category. Products of the same range have the same functions and are marketed to the same target groups. They are distributed through the same channels and are offered on the basis of the same price list. Generally speaking, there are 3 types of ranges: top of the range, middle of the range and bottom or entry level.

The term high-end is used to designate a sophisticated, premium quality product or service. It is opposed to the low-end which refers to a product or a service of low quality. The top of the range is offered at a very high price compared to other products in the same category. The mid-range offers sufficient quality and a reasonable price.

However, there are nuances in terms of range, as it may include a greater or lesser number of products or services. We speak of a wide range when the products making up a range are very numerous. The range is said to be deep when it contains several variants of the same product. Only the size, the available options and the color for example, allow to differentiate the products.