Sales force

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These are all the people who are involved in selling the company’s products. The sales force is in direct contact with potential customers, distributors or prescribers. There are 2 main types of sales force:

  • internal: salaried sales forces who are linked to the company by an employment contract,
  • external: sales forces that are not subordinate to the company, such as commercial agents, commission agents and brokers

The sales force can be a door-to-door salesperson, order taker, non-sales visitor, telemarketer, technical salesperson and business engineer. In any case, they contribute greatly to the ultimate goal of marketing, which is to make the company’s products profitable. The sales force supports the marketing mix to trigger the actual buying act. To do so, it must be motivated and efficient to relay and support the marketing strategy on the ground. The company’s commercial success depends on it. The sales force is thus a 5th element of the marketing plan.

It is therefore in the company’s interest to optimally manage the sales force, as it conveys its external image. It must pay particular attention to the organization of the sales force, the selection and training of salespeople, the definition of their status and their remuneration system, the methods of animation and control of their activity…