Sales Promotion

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Also known as promotional techniques, sales promotion brings together the techniques used to effectively stimulate sales. It proposes to associate one or several products with an additional and temporary advantage. This promotion is aimed either at distributors or at end consumers. Depending on the case, it can be implemented by a brand or by a distributor.

The purpose of sales promotion is to influence the behavior of targets. It allows in particular to :
– get consumers to buy the product(s),
– boost sales with distributors,
– to build loyalty among current customers,
– to seduce prospects.

Brands and distributors also use it to :
– sell off their product inventories,
– effectively develop their distribution channels.

Today, there are all kinds of promotional techniques. Among the most commonly used, we can mention :
– coupons,
– discount coupons,
– twin sales or sales by lots,
– premiums,
– lotteries.

Sales promotion is mainly used in the food industry.