Standardized or globalized marketing

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Standardized or globalized marketing is a strategy that consists in standardizing marketing policies within the foreign markets targeted by the company. Globalized marketing or standardization is very popular with multinationals. Standardized marketing allows them to lower costs, especially through economies of scale in product marketing. This type of marketing also helps companies to reflect the same image across countries and targets.

However, the implementation of globalized marketing is conditional: the demand on the markets must be homogeneous. The company wishing to globalize and standardize its marketing must have a clear positioning on its market. It must first have a clear competitive advantage before launching. The implementation of a standardization must be a well thought-out strategic choice by the company. In some cases, however, this standardization may be due to the influence of various factors such as location in different geographical areas, but with identical needs. International product demand can also explain the implementation of globalized marketing. Indeed, for some products such as smartphones, the demand is the same everywhere in all markets.