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The trademark distinguishes one product or service from another. It is therefore a sign that buyers can clearly distinguish. This sign can be a logo, a name, a design, a color combination, a word, an expression or a slogan. We also talk about sound and smell marks. These elements are strategically chosen to make an impression and to be easily identified and recognized by the targets. Moreover, it is around the brand that the company builds its image. The trust that targets place in the brand allows the company to build its reputation, but also to retain customers and attract prospects. For the company, the brand serves as a tool to communicate the image it wants to convey to the public. It differentiates the service or product from that of competitors. For customers, the brand facilitates product identification and provides a certain guarantee: quality, reliability, durability, etc. Because it plays an important role in the life of the company, the brand must be given special attention. It will be given a name that will evoke the qualities of the product or service. This name should also be easy to remember and pronounce even in foreign countries. In addition to being original, the brand name must be available. After making a choice, the company can check with the INPI or the National Institute of Industrial Property if the name has not yet been assigned. If this is the case, it is essential to file and register it in order to obtain the monopoly of its exploitation in France for 10 years. This period is of course renewable.