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Marketing Mix Modeling MMM

Expert software created for executives to help them develop and formulate strategy. When conducting strategic reviews, pre- and post-merger modeling, and marketing audits, it will prove to be an invaluable modeling tool.

Strategic marketing

A simplified approach to marketing modeling

Software solution

A clearer picture of the market and its potential by combining historical and forecasted sales data, estimates of market size, market attractiveness and competitive strength. It uses simple, textbook strategic marketing concepts that will lead to less risky choices, a more balanced product and market portfolio, and a more successful business.

A structured approach to strategic issues

A structured and quantitative process for a balanced vision.

Better developed and less risky business decisions

Models based on facts and figures.

A more profitable business with a balanced product portfolio

A thorough and impartial decision-making process.

Key steps

Strategic planning process

Clear and precise statement of the company’s mission.

The objectives chosen must be simple, measurable and achievable by a specific date.

The commercial activity will be exposed in terms of product and market opportunities and will be based on an audit of the company and its environment

This step aims to answer the question: Can the objectives be achieved with the proposed strategy?

Alternative strategies are studied in case of deviation. This will be a repeat of the strategy formulation process.

It is about making a choice among competing strategies.

These lower level plans are prepared in detail.

Corrective action may be required.


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