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Marketing Mix Planning

Expert software that integrates the various elements of a tactical marketing plan into a single financial structure. The user obtains an in-depth understanding of the profitability of the company’s overall operations as well as the specific activities of the profit centers.

Tactical marketing

A simplified approach to marketing planning

Software solution

Global marketing strategies can be built around product, market and channel portfolios. The final result is a baseline against which future performance can be measured.

A structured and logical approach

Improved marketing planning process.

Elaborate investment decisions

Understanding the scope of the promotional campaign and its ROI.

A more agile and profitable business

Visualisation des implications financières liées à la modification des éléments du mix.

Key steps

Marketing planning process

In order to define and select the most appropriate strategy for the company, we recommend following the process presented in the Marketing Mix Modeling application.

It is important to understand these elements in detail and to pay attention to both market needs and perceived values.

Targets will be assigned for each market opportunity.

The combination of the 4Ps (products, prices, places and promotion) are presented at this stage.

This plan will include an indication of the revenues and benefits for each opportunity.

This stage is the presentation and validation, rejection or need for an alternative plan. The user will be able to go back over the different elements used to draw up the plan.

Once approved, the plan is monitored throughout the year.


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