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Marketing Strategy Workshop

This workshop was designed for decision makers. This is a one-on-one training delivered at your location or remotely.

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Build a strategic model for your project, your business

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Are you pursuing unprofitable and unattractive opportunities? Is the competition hurting your core business? Are you missing out on new and lucrative business opportunities? Let us guide you and answer these questions with you, step by step.

Private setting

Workshop organized in a privileged setting, up to four people.

On site

Workshop organized in your premises, up to four people.

On line

Workshop delivered via Zoom Meetings or Skype, up to four people.

Up to four people


Training hours
Marketing Mix Modeling


  • Welcome of the participants & installation
  • Introduction to strategic analysis and key concepts
  • Presentation of the application
  • Presentation of product-market couples.
  • Presentation of the Ansoff matrix
  • Modeling exercise
  • Implementation of the SMART (Simple multi-attribute rating technique) method developed by EDWARDS for a multi-criteria analysis.
  • Assessment of market attractiveness
  • Market attractiveness modeling exercise
  • Presentation of key success factors
  • Competitive Forces Modeling Exercise
  • Export of structure and data to Microsoft Excel
  • Export of graphics
  • Export of notes
  • Presentation of the product life cycle concept
  • Editing of historical and forecasted market data
  • Trend modeling exercise
  • Presentation and study of the analyses
  • Presentation of the scenarios

Questions and discussion


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