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Tactical Marketing Workshop

This workshop was designed for decision makers. This is a one-on-one training delivered at your location or remotely.

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Develop your plan and understand your objectives, costs and profits

End-to-end programs.

What campaigns and resources are needed to ensure the success of your strategy? Will the money you spend on promotion bring a sufficient return on your investment?… Let us guide you and answer these questions step by step.

Private setting

Workshop organized in a privileged setting, up to four people.

On site

Workshop organized in your premises, up to four people.

On line

Workshop delivered via Zoom Meetings or Skype, up to four people.

Up to four people


Training hours
Marketing Mix Planning


  • Welcome of the participants & installation
  • Introduction to Marketing Planning
  • Presentation of the application
  • Presentation of the profit centers and the segmentation matrix
  • Definition of cost centers
  • Market segment and cost center modeling exercise
  • Define objectives
  • Goal modeling exercise
  • Review of fixed costs
  • Fixed cost modeling exercise
  • Introduction to Variable Cost input
  • Variable cost modeling exercise
  • Definition of promotions
  • Establishment of conversion ratios for each profit center
  • Promotional campaign modeling exercise
  • Break-even analysis and selling price
  • Selling price modeling exercise
  • Study of the forecasts according to the objectives or the results of the promotion campaign
  • Forecast modeling exercise
  • Financial performance review and revision
  • Questions and discussion

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